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Admiral Farragut


Written by legendary Naval Officer, Alfred Thayer Mahan in 1904 while president of the Naval War College, Farragut was just one of a number of books authored by Mahan. The book covers Farragut’s life from 1801-1870. Mahan’s preface reads: In preparing this brief sketch of the most celebrated of our naval heroes, the author has been aided by the very full and valuable biography published in 1878 by his son, Mr. Loyall Farragut, who has also kindly supplied for this work many additional details of interest from the Admiral’s journals and correspondence, and from other memoranda. For the public events connected with Farragut’s career, either directly or indirectly, recourse has been had to the official papers, as well as to the general biographical and historical literature bearing upon the war, which each succeeding year brings forth in books or magazines. The author has also to express his thanks to Rear-Admiral Thornton A. Jenkins, formerly chief-of-staff to Admiral Farragut; to Captain John Crittenden Watson, formerly his flag-lieutenant; and to his friend General James Grant Wilson, for interesting anecdotes and reminiscences. A. T. M.

356 pages

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