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American Military Government of Occupied Germany 1918-1920


This report on the Military Government of Occupied Germany by the American forces covers the period from December 1, 1918, when our forces entered Germany, to January 10, 1920, when the Inter-Allied Rhineland High Commission became the supreme Allied authority in the occupied territory. During this period the Third Army was commanded in succession by Major General J. T. Dickman and Lieutenant General H. Liggett and, upon the dissolution of the Third Army, the American Forces in Germany were commanded by Major General H. T. Allen. The Senate of the United States had not, on January 10, 1920, ratified the Treaty of Versailles. The American forces therefore had still to retain their war powers under the Armistice of November 11, 1918. By a modus vivendi proposed by the Commanding General, American Forces in Germany, and accepted by the High Commissioners of Belgium, France and Great Britain, the ordinances of the High Commission were placed in effect in the American zone as orders of the Commanding General. To a large extent therefore in a practical, though perhaps not in a technical sense, the modus vivendi terminated the Military Government.

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