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History of the United States Marine Corps


Amazing, detailed. accurate early history of the Marine Corps. Updated by the author from his work 30 years earlier. A custom has prevailed throughout the armies of Europe to keep regular record of the services and achievements of their regiments and corps. This principle has not obtained in our own country, hence a great difficulty arises in presenting an authentic account of the services of any branch of our establishment either military or naval. This defect has long been felt in relation to the Corps of which this historical record is designed to treat. An attempt was made by the author in 1874 to present a true and faithful record, but owing to circumstances beyond his control the original idea was changed during his absence from the country. It is now thought that the proper time has arrived for an edition which will present a record of events that will be acceptable to the Corps and to the nation. Impressed with this consideration, and influenced by a strong attachment to the welfare and reputation of the Corps in which he has the honor to serve, the author feels persuaded that an impartial account of the services of the United States Marines will not only reflect an additional lustre on its distinguished character, but encourage a spirit of emulation, which is the strongest impulse to great and gallant actions. Although he may have failed in accomplishing that object with the ability due its importance, he trusts that the fidelity and zeal which has been exercised in the present compilation will obtain for him the indulgent consideration of those who are aware of the difficulties with which he has had to contend. He desires to express his obligation to his brother officers who have kindly rendered him their cordial assistance, without which this record would have been incomplete. In narrating these events the information obtained has been compiled from official reports, “Cooper’s Naval History,” “Hamersly’s Record of Living Officers,” and “Hamersly’s Naval Encyclopedia.” Although this record must fail to do the United States Marines ample justice, the author trusts that sufficient has been said to prove that their distinguished repute is well merited, and that they have not, under any circumstances, tarnished their motto—”Semper Fidelis.”

470 pages

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