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Our Greatest Battle (The Meuse-Argonne)


This is a complete first-hand account of journalist Frederick Palmer. His lively engaging style electrifies the Meuse-Argonne. … DURING the war we had books which· were the product of the spirit of the hour and its limitations. Among these was my “America in France,” which was written, while we were still expecting the war to last through the summer of 1919, to describe the gathering and training of the American Expedition­ary Forces, and their actions through the Chateau ­Thierry and Saint-Mihiel operations. Since the war and the passing of the military censorship, we have had many hastily compiled histories, and many “inside ” accounts from participants, including com­manders, both Allied and enemy, whose special pleading is, to one familiar with events, no less evi­dent in their lapses than in their tone.

652 pages

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