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The A B C of War Medals and Decorations


(Note. Images are in black and white, not color.) Worldwide and through history. It is all here up to World War I. From the author’s forward – The War Medal is a comparatively modern institution, otherwise we might have learned the names of the common folk who fought so tenaciously in the old wars, as, for instance, the Welsh infantry and Irish soldiers who, with the English bowmen, comprised the army of 30,000 which at Crecy routed an army of 120,000 ; the followers of the Black Prince who captured the impetuous King John at Poitiers, or the English archers whose deadly volleys made such havoc at Agincourt, on that fateful day in October nearly five hundred years ago ; the brave seamen who, under Lord Howard, Drake, Hawkins, and Frobisher, fought the “Invincible Armada” and those who, under Raleigh, vigorously pursued the Spaniards on the high seas. We might have learned something of the men who composed the Royal Scots and the 18thRoyal Irish and helped to vindicate the reputation of the British soldier at Namur, and covered themselves with glory at Blenheim the gallant Coldstream Guards who did such excellent service under Marlborough at Oudenarde and Malplaquet, as well as the Gloucesters and Worcesters who fought so well at Ramillies, or the Royal Welsh Fusiliers who served under George II at Dettingen. When, however, war medals were designed for distribution among successful combatants, a means of decorating surviving soldiers and sailors was established, and at the same time a sentimental and substantial record of a man’s labors for his country upon the field of battle. So that, if the veterans of Drake’s historic fleet, or Marlborough’s dauntless soldiers, were not possessed of badges to distinguish them from the soldiers of industry, we, at any rate, may hold in our hands the medals which were awarded to those who served the immortal Nelson, and be proud to possess the medals which shone upon the breasts of our great grandparents who defied the Conqueror of Europe on that memorable Sunday, and made his sun to set upon the battlefield of Waterloo.

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