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The Admiralties: Operations of the 1st Cavalry Division 29 February-18 May 1944


GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, Commander-in-Chief of the Southwest Pacific Area, referred to the conquest of the Admiralty Islands as “putting the cork in the bottle.’ 1nside the bottle was a major segment of the outer defenses for Japan’s Pacific Empire, a seg­ment which barred Allied advance from the Southwest Pacific toward the Philippines and which protected the Japanese strong­holds on the north coast of New Guinea. The enemy bases on the islands of the Bismarck and Solomon Seas formed an integrated defensive system. Sea and air power linked the scattered garrisons and furnished the striking forces to meet Allied invasion; many harbors were available for shipping, and a network of airfields permitted quick transfer of planes for support of any threatened point. The capture of the Admiralties was one of the last steps in the campaign which sealed off the Bismarck-Solomons area from supply and reinforcement, denied its use to the enemy for effective air and naval operations, and left garrisons totaling over 100,000 troops in isolated impotence. ln a nation at war, teamwork by the whole people is necessary for victory. But the issue is decided on the battle­field, toward which all national effort leads. The country’s fate lies in the hands of its soldier citizens; in the clash of battle is found the final test of plans, training, equipment, and-above the fighting spirit of units and individuals. AMERICAN FORCES IN ACTION SERIES presents detailed accounts of particular combat operations of United States forces. To the American public, this record of high achievement by men who served their nation well is presented as a preface to the full 1nilitary history of World War II. To the soldiers who took part in the operations concerned, these narratives will give the opportunity to see more clearly the results of orders which they obeyed and of sacrifices which they and their comrades made, in performance of missions that find their meaning in the outcome of a larger plan of battle. – Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chief of Staff

162 pages

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