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The Americans in the Great War (Volume 1) The Second Battle of the Marne


BATTLEFIELD GUIDE When the United States of America declared 1wr on Germany, it was what shape their intervention would take. Would it be limited to aiding the Allies financially and industrially and tightening the blockade, or if they would take an active part in the military Operations? Opinions on this point were much divided. Many were in favor of an unrestricted participation in the war, others were for a more moderate program. At the beginning of April 1917, President Wilson announced that America’s participation would be unrestricted. The army of the United States comprised some 9.000 officers and 200,000 men were a mere ” drop in the ocean,” as numbers go in modern warfare. The move aroused great enthusiasm. The Conscription Bill promptly passed. Regiments formed rapidly. Recruits were raised. By March1918 the American Army had more than 110.000 officers and 1,400.000 men, with sixteen training camps in addition to special technical schools. They were soon off to France, with Gen. John J. Pershing taking an us or them approach with “kill or be killed.” And so began the story of the Americans in the Great War.

130 pages

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