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The Americans in the Great War (Volume 3) Meuse-Argonne Battle


The Americans in the Great War: Volume 3: Meuse Argonne Battle
As noted on the cover, this is a republication of the original Michelin guide and appears as such.
THE MEUSE-ARGONNE BATTLEFIELDS (Battlefield guide) As in the two preceding volumes of “‘ Americans in the Great War.” no attempt is made in this third volume to describe the military engagements in great detail. It was thought better to illustrate the ruin and devastation caused by the great struggle, rather than to dwell too long on the actual hostilities. This object has been attained by securing a great number of carefully selected and exclusive photographs and maps, all of which are published in this volume, together with necessary descriptive text. Like its predecessors this volume is not a military treatise but a guidebook. Nevertheless, it is the duty of the author as well as a great pleasure to hesitate long enough at this moment to say a word in appreciation of the invaluable service rendered to France and to civilization by the valiant American soldiers. It was during the period covered in the pages following that the American Army reached its maximum fighting strength and achieved its greatest military triumphs. The splendid fighting spirit of the troops was remarked by all, and their fine comradeship, both on the firing line and at rest, won the widest possible admiration. Furthermore, the seasoned military experts who had been engaged in the war for four long years were amazed to discover with what remarkable rapidity the American soldiers and their high-spirited officers had adapted themselves to the art of war. In the words of Marshal Foch: “As for the American troops you may tell your people that they are admirable. They can be reproached only with going ahead too fast! ” The Meuse-Argonne campaign ended with the signing of the Armistice on November 11. 1918. Marshal Joffre in a speech of thanksgiving said : ” I am proud to have been the sponsor of the noble American Army, which has been the determining cause of our present victory.”

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