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The Fall of the Philippines (The War in the Pacific)


The soldier reading these pages would do well to reflect on the wisdom of the statement exhibited in a Japanese shrine: “Woe unto him who has not tasted defeat.” Victory too often leads to overconfidence and erases the memory of mistakes. Defeat brings into sharp focus the causes that led to failure and provides a fruitful field of study for those soldiers and laymen who seek in the past lessons for the future. The statesman and the informed citizen reading these pages will realize that our military means as well as our estimates and plans must always be in balance with our long-range national policy. This lesson, signposted by the Battle of Manila Bay; the Treaty of Paris, signed in December 1898 when we decided to keep the Philippines; the Washington Conference of 1921-22; and the Manchurian Crisis of 1931~we ignored before Pearl Harbor. The result was defeat on the field of battle and the loss of the Philippine Islands. Work on this volume was begun in early 1947. The reader may gain some idea of the size of the task of writing this history by an appraisal of The Sources.

646 pages

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