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The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby


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From Editor Charles Wells Russell – THE chronicles of history record that in most wars some figure, through intrepidity, originality, and brilliancy of action, has raised himself above his fellows and achieved a picturesqueness which is commonly associated only with characters of fiction. In the American Civil War, or the War Between the States, three dashing cavalry leaders – Stuart, Forrest, and Mosby – so captured the public imagination that their exploits took on a glamour, which we associate – as did the writers of the time – with the deeds of the Waverley characters and the heroes of Chivalry. Of the three leaders Colonel John S. Mosby (1833-1916) was, perhaps, the most romantic figure. In the South his dashing exploits made him one of the great heroes of the “Lost Cause.” In the North he was painted as the blackest of redoubtable scoundrels, a fact only to be explained as due to the exasperation caused by a successful enemy against whom all measures were worthless and ineffective. So great became the fame of Mosby’s partisan exploits that soldiers of fortune came even from Europe to share his adventure? Colonel Mosby was a ”Virginian of the Virginians,” educated at the State’s University, and seemed destined to pass his life as an obscure Virginia attorney, when war brought him his opportunity for fame. The following pages contain the story of his life as private in the cavalry, as a scout, and as a leader of partisans.

462 pages

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